All Laser LASIK Technology for Patients in the Huntsville, Madison, Decatur Areas

When it comes to surgical treatment and care for your precious gift of sight, don't you expect – and deserve – the best technology available? Huntsville Laser Center thinks so! In fact, our LASIK surgeons and the team at Huntsville Laser Center are dedicated to bringing you LASIK technology that is the most advanced and proven safe in the field of laser vision correction. We are proud to offer all laser, Blade-Free options for LASIK surgery to our patients in Huntsville, Madison, Decatur, and the surrounding communities Blade-Free LASIK is shown to provide a more precise result than traditional LASIK.

In addition to advanced LASIK technology, we offer a variety of other vision correction procedures designed to free you from, or lessen your dependency on glasses or contact lenses. For all of our vision correction procedures, we combine the best in patient comfort, care, and safety with leading, innovative technology to offer you an eye care experience you just can't find anywhere else. Read on to learn more about our superior vision technology!


Dr. Mitchell is proud to provide Blade-Free iLASIK technology to our patients at Huntsville Laser Center. iLASIK incorporates the latest in all laser LASIK technology to provide you a fully customized result based on your individual vision correction needs.

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Visian ICL™ Implantable Contact Lens

Visian ICL™ is a collamer lens that is surgically implanted and works in conjunction with your eye’s natural functions to produce clearer, sharper vision. A versatile alternative to laser correction surgery, Visian ICL™ is ideal for a wide range of patients who seek vision correction.

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Crystalens® IOL

As we age, many begin to experience the symptoms of presbyopia, the age-related condition in which seeing objects close up becomes a challenge. You no longer have to be a slave to reading glasses with technology like the Crystalens® IOL. This FDA-approved intraocular lens works with the ciliary muscle of your eye to help you focus and see clearly at all distances—near, middle, and far.

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At Huntsville Laser Center, we are happy to offer the ReSTOR® IOL, another type of intraocular lens for age-related vision correction. The ReSTOR® lens uses adopization, diffractive, and refractive technologies to adjust the way that light is focused on the retina.

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