Huntsville Laser Center Performs the iLASIK Procedure using IntraLase™ Technology

At Huntsville Laser Center, we perform the iLASIK procedure for patients in Huntsville, Madison, and Decatur using state-of-the-art IntraLase™ technology. Ideal for a wider range of patients than traditional LASIK, IntraLase™ technology allows us to improve the quantity and clarity of the vision of our patients. During your free iLASIK consultation, Dr. Mitchell will determine whether iLASIK or another laser treatment is suitable for your vision correction needs. To schedule an appointment for the iLASIK procedure, contact Huntsville Laser Center today.

The iLASIK Procedure

On the day of your iLASIK procedure, you should have a companion with you to take you home after the surgery. First, your eyes will be treated with drops to prevent you from feeling any sensations, and gently held open with a special device. Next, Dr. Mitchell will carefully create a flap in your cornea using a laser to access the corneal tissue beneath. Then, he will use a precise, FDA-regulated excimer laser to remove small particles of tissue, precisely shaping your cornea until your vision is corrected.

Dr. Mitchell will then place the flap back down over the cornea, where it naturally seals itself together without any stitches or staples. The iLASIK procedure is safe, fast, and painless. Best of all, most patients experience corrected vision immediately, or within 24 hours. As time goes by, many patients report that their vision gets better and better.

In most cases, nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism can be effectively treated with iLASIK surgery. Since our experienced iLASIK surgeons use skill and expertise to thoroughly prepare for your iLASIK procedure and follow-up aftercare, a successful outcome is more likely. Dr. Mitchell will spend time with you to understand your vision needs, make sure iLASIK is appropriate for your situation, and monitor you after the procedure.

Contact Huntsville Laser Center to Learn More about the iLASIK Procedure

IntraLase™ technology creates a bladeless LASIK experience for our patients in Huntsville, Madison, Decatur, and the surrounding area. Please contact Huntsville Laser Center today for your free screening and to find out more about how iLASIK can help you see better tomorrow!